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SA/African International Feature Short Award Winning
World Premiere SA Premiere With Guest Screening in CT Screening in JHB
Clear Filters
Above and Below

Blurring the lines between fiction and documentary, this mesmerising and beautifully shot film follows five survivors through their daily hustle in a seemingly post-apocalyptic world – although the reality is that they are simply living on the margins of contemporary America.

The Art of Healing
a portrait of Lizette Chirrime

This tenderly directed short film provides a portrait of Mozambican textile artist Lizette Chirrime, who was abused as a child. As part of her …

Barber Shop

Small wooden cabins arranged in neat rows are home to destitute Afrikaners and an insulated community run with military-like precision and an entrenched bigotry and nostalgia for the old political regime.

The Battle of Algiers
a film within history

The masterful tale of revolutionary aspiration and political insurrection, as Algeria fought for independence from France, is not far removed from the political conflicts at play in the world today.

The Beautiful People

The first of a ten-part documentary series, Nicky Greenwall’s The Beautiful People follows five international models as they navigate the ups and downs of …

Becoming Visible

From acclaimed Durban artist Solomon, this fascinating fusion of documentary and video art tells of the impact on local marine life by seismic exploration off the coast of KwaZulu-Natal. Projected on three screens simultaneously, the work is made all the more powerful by its idiosyncratic approach to documentary-making.

A Cambodian Spring

A complex, but engrossing, detailed narrative of a community’s struggle over many years to protect their land and homes from rapacious development and environmental degradation.

The Canadian Delegation

In the summer of 1989, as the Soviet bloc crumbles and China fends off a democratic revolt, the head of Canada’s Young Communist League leads a delegation of youth to an international student festival in one of the most isolated and enigmatic nations in the world.

Children of War

A much-needed look at the chaotic years between 1991 and 1994 in the townships east of Johannesburg, Children of War reveals vital stories often …

The Colour of Wine

Through the lens of first generation black vintners, The Colour of Wine looks at the history of South Africa winemaking and how we are still working to eradicate the ignoble rot of apartheid from our vineyards.

The DeMiner

In what has been described as the non-fiction counterpart to Kathryn Bigelow’s Hurtlocker, comes a film that chronicles the bravery of Iraqi IED-defuser; Colonel Fakhir Berwari. Leaning

The Distant Barking of Dogs

This intimately filmed documentary follows a year in the life of Oleg, a 10-year-old boy who lives with his devoted grandmother in a small and largely unoccupied village on the frontline of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.

DOCi Shorts Film Programme

World Premiere SA Premiere S/African Shorts V&A 6: Sat 9 June / 3.30pm (public) and 4.45pm (private screening) Sorry I am late We face …


Framed by the austere beauty of the Karoo and its vast, unyielding sky, the film’s conversations explore notions of love, philosophy, belief systems and family, as well as our relationship to the land, animals and each other.

Find Fix Finish

In this short documentary, drone pilots talk about the chilling work of drone flying in the skies above Afghanistan.

Free Education
The story of Bonginkosi Khanyile

This powerful short chronicles the events of the #FeesMustFall movement from the perspective of DUT student Bonginkosi Khanyile.

Freedom Isn’t Free
The Freedom Charter today

Freedom Isn’t Free challenges the ANC government with its failure to bring into being the words and resolutions of the Freedom Charter signed at Kliptown in 1955 when, from all over the country, Congress of the People delegates assembled to forge a new path for South Africa.

The Fun’s Not Over
The James Phillips Story

This is a rollicking musical ride through all these incarnations, with frank insights from 80’s and 90’s musicians and leftie luminaries – from Johannes Kerkorrel to Lloyd Ross, Pieter-Dirk Uys to Zapiro by way of the Radio Rats’ Jonathan Handley and Vusi Mahlasela.

Guardian of the Ocean
A Film About The SANCCOB

The Southern African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds was born in the backyard of Althea Westphal’s Claremont home where she took in injured penguins after the Esso Essen oil spill in the late 1960s. Today the organisation has grown to include a team of dedicated and passionate individuals who work tirelessly to protect and rehabilitate these heart-warming sea birds.

I Still Rise
A Story About VULPRO

Malawian Obert Guys Phiri has been working for the Vulture Conservation Programme (VulPro) for ten years. Both he and Kerri Wolter, the founder and …

In Stitches

In Stitches follows three vernacular comedians on the circuit and shows how something as simple as being funny in one’s home language can be a vehicle for social change.

Isivivana Shorts Programme

World Premiere SA Premiere S/African Shorts Isiv: Sat 9 June / 3pm Iphepha (The Newspaper) Dir: Jennifer Merrick, Unathi Dyantyi | 2018 | SA …

JHB Shorts Programme

World Premiere SA Premiere S/African Shorts Bioscope: Sat 3 June / 2.30pm and Sat 9 June / 2pm Give a man a mask and …

Kill or Die

A glimpse at the harsh world of comedy, Kill or Die follows four young comedians as they make headway in the local comedy scene. …

Land and Identity

Eloquently told by young voices, its format gives the film freshness and immediacy with lush views of the Atlantic seaboard contrasting with the grittiness of the Cape Flats and the homeliness of Plumstead.

Life is Wonderful
Mandela's Unsung Heroes

This look at the Rivonia Treason trial focuses, not on Nelson Mandela and the famous speech he made from the dock during that trial, but on the intricacies of the of the legal defence.

Little Brown Girl

This hybrid documentary explores the ways women of colour navigate the available modes of representation offered by the media and world around them. Using mixed media and candid interviews, Little Brown Girl highlights the need for meaningful representation and a new Afrocentric brown positivity that expands on and compliments the global movement we are experiencing today.

Lots of Kids, a Monkey and a Castle

Filmed over 14 years and edited down from over 400 hours of footage, Lots of Kids is a meditation on how a family holds itself together, and a consideration of all the different stories we tell ourselves about the past.


This official film biography follows Nelson Mandela from his early days to his presidency, depicting South Africa and its turbulent years during apartheid control, …

Matangi / Maya / M.I.A

In this intimate portrait of the provocative London/Tamil rapper, we watch M.I.A. develop from an immigrant teenager to an Oscar and Grammy nominee, never once compromising on her artistic integrity or unaware of the platform her fame affords to express her political beliefs.

Mining Memory
Legacies of St Helena in the Northern Cape

Locals of St Helenian descent share stories of their ancestors’, with themes of race, heritage and the significance of ‘place’, both real and imagined, being explored.

nege fragmente uit ses khoi’npsalms

The engaging melange of historically disparate musical, religious and societal cultures, played by musicians from different ethnic groups (one Khoi and two Afrikaners) displays intriguing layers of spontaneous communication and telepathy.

Not In My Neighbourhood

Award-winning filmmaker Kurt Orderson offers an insightful look into the lives of those who are struggling against the atrocities of Gentrification, Urban Renewal, Architectural Apartheid and Spatial Violence.

The Patriarch’s Room

With unprecedented access to the inner workings of the Greek Orthodox Church in Jerusalem, Elon’s film is a mysterious, disturbing, and often humorous story about the political machinations of the Patriarchy, the Israeli Secret Service, Jewish Settlers and Palestinian Christians.

a film not just about the chicken

A deep dive into South Africa’s history through the brutally honest lens of Mzanzi’s favourite chicken establishment – Nando’s.

The Poets

This rambunctious, freewheeling film follows acclaimed West African poets and close friends Syl Cheney-Coker and Niyi Osundare as they travel through their home countries of Sierra Leone and Nigeria, exploring the landscapes, cultures, and histories that have shaped their art and their different approaches to writing.

The Price of Everything

It’s 15 years since Nathaniel Kahn made his last film, My Architect, an extraordinary documentary about his architect father Louis Kahn. And it’s been worth …

The Centenarian

The 110-year-old preacher, who once had hundreds of followers, now lives with his 99 year old wife Anna, a renowned prophetess and healer in her own right, and their family in the dusty village of Botlokwa in the Limpopo province.

The Rebel Surgeon

The surgeon, Dr Erik Erichsen and his wife, nurse Sennait, practise medicine on the frontline in the rural hospital of Aira in the desperately poor Ethiopian highlands.

Red Zone Paramedics

Red Zone Paramedics is a documentary film about an ambulance crew working the night shift on New Years Eve in Mitchells Plain, an area …


The inspiring story of Silas Siakor, a political activist who has devoted his life to protecting the people and forests of Liberia from multinational corporations and their governmental lackeys

Sisters of the Wilderness

Part wildlife documentary – the astonishing scenery, the immersive soundtrack – part pilgrimage, Slater’s film follows five young Zulu women on a journey of personal healing through the iMfolozi wilderness.

Slavery Routes
Episode 1 + 2

Slavery Routes takes us to the fall of the Rome, the subsequent Arabian Empire built from its ruins, and the trans-Saharan caravan routes that provided the beginnings of a 700 year vast network of human trafficking between Cairo and Timbuktu.

South/African Shorts 1

Amahle’s Journey, Barber Shop, Give a man a mask and he will tell you the truth, Guardian of the Ocean, Masquerading: To Hell and Back, The Sound of Hope, Still I Rise, World Wildlife Fund

South/African Shorts 2

Durban Music – Differently Abled, In Pursuit of my Dream: National School of the Arts, Joburg Ballet – Turning Point, The last night of the Proms, Music in the Mountains: Drakensberg Boys Choir School, Reach Out, Sculpture – My Calling, Spots in the Mountain, Village Harmonies – Keiskamma Music Trust, nege fragmente uit ses khoi’npsalms

South/African Shorts 3

Iphepha (The Newspaper), Looking for Ned, Red Zone Paramedics

Standing On Their Shoulders

Sithole’s film is a ribbon that connects female activists over time in a breath-taking composite of female resistance.

The Story of Little Foot

Filmed largely underground, Clark narrates a dual story; that of our ancient ancestors and that of the discovery and excavation of their fossilised remains.


Survivors offers a unique window into a region that survived the most widespread outbreak of the virus, 21 months long, 28,000 people infected, only half of whom survived.

Tackling Life

This carefully observed documentary tells the story of the Berlin Bruisers, Berlin’s first gay-inclusive rugby team.

Tanzania Transit

A simple train journey where three stories intertwine like the tracks that criss-cross Tanzania. Discreetly filmed creating an intimacy for unusual revelations, it’s no surprise Tanzania Transit took home the cinematography award at this year’s Tribeca festival.

This is Congo

This Is Congo documents the most recent cycle of conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo, otherwise known as the M23 rebellion.


Untitled is the last project of Austrian filmmaker Michael Glawogger, who died in 2014 while making the film.

Voetsek! Us? Brothers?

Made over the course of 10 years, with remarkable access to those affected by the violence as well as those who participated in it, this is a deeply disturbing portrait of South Africa as a country.

Punk, Icon, Activist

A a stitching together of Vivienne’s life. Like her garments, pieces are taken from here and there, the past with the present, to create one extraordinary, beautiful whole.

When Babies Don’t Come

When Molatelo finds out she can never fall pregnant naturally, she decides to document her 10-year journey. What she discovers however, is more than just motherhood.

Whispering Truth to Power

In 2009 not a single member of parliament voted against Thuli Madonsela when she was nominated for the position of Public Protector. By the end of her seven year term, the political playing field had changed, drastically. We follow Madonsela during her final and tumultuous year in office, beginning with the landmark Constitutional Court case on the powers of the Public Protector, to Madonsela once again investigating the then President Jacob Zuma.

Zhalanash – Empty Shore

A portrait of this once flourishing area where fishing boats now rot in the dusty desert and time itself seems to have stopped flowing for those who still live there.