The DeMiner

International Feature

Amsterdam Int. Doc. Film Festival 2017 - Best Feature-Length Documentary

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In this short documentary, drone pilots talk about the chilling work of drone flying in the skies above Afghanistan.

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In what has been described as the non-fiction counterpart to Kathryn Bigelow’s Hurtlocker, comes a film that chronicles the bravery of Iraqi IED-defuser; Colonel Fakhir Berwari. Leaning awkwardly on his prosthetic leg he bends and swiftly, surely, disarms kitchen pots refashioned as cruel mines using simple tools – a pair of clippers and a knife. In his first year stationed in Mosul he defused more than 600 of them. An amateur home video enthusiast, Fakhir captures countless hours of footage during his courageous demining missions. The archive is artfully sculpted into an emotive portrait of a man whose gritty determination to save as many innocent lives as possible remains resolute, despite the constant threat of losing his own life in the process. Winner of the silver medal Special Jury prize at IDFA in Amsterdam, The DeMiner is certain to become a festival favourite.

Cape Town
V&A 4
Sun 3 June / 7.45pm
V&A 6
Wed 6 June / 6.15pm
V&A 4
Sun 10 June / 8pm
Tue 5 June / 6pm
Sun 3 June / 6pm
Wed 6 June / 8.30pm
Hogir Hirori, Shinwar Kamal
83 minutes